Crane The absurd ABC

A for the APPLE, B for the BABY, C for the CAT, D for the DAME, E for the ENGLISHMAN, F for the FROG, G for GOOSEY GANDER, H for HUMPTY, I for the INN, J for JACK and JILL, K for KITTY, L for LITTLE MAN, M for Miss MUFFET, N for the NUMEROUS CHILDREN, O for the OLD PERSON, P for the PIE, Q for QUEEN ANNE, R for RICHARD and ROBERT, S for the SNAIL, T for TOM, U for the UNICORN, V for the VICTUALS, W for the WOMAN, X for the X upon buns,Y for YANKEE DOODLE, Z for the ZANY.

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Auteur (images): Walter Crane
Auteur (bande son): Annie Lesca
Licence: License

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