Chloe s snowman

It has been snowing all night long ; no games outside today even though it's wednesday. What a pity, Mum, the garden looks great ! Well, finally I was allowed to go out, provided I put on scarf and gloves.

Here we are, at last, snow flakes on my face, crispy ice under my boots, small clouds of steam from my mouth, indeed, it was worthwhile whining after this at home.

What about snow balls ? Well without friends, it's no fun ! I wish my schoolmates were around.

And what about a snowman ? Chloe kneels down and start collecting a huge pile of snow. She feels so good building him up and talking to him.

Hello everybody, here is my new friend. Isn't he great ? Don't ask where I found his scarf, his nose or his hat ; it's part Snowman's magic.

Hello everybody, my new girl-friend had to go home but she was so reluctant. You know, I miss her as much as she does. OK I'm not supposed to have feelings ; everybody knows that it's our destiny to melt away, sad or not. (storyboard JLFrucot, illustrations APerat, Ryxeo).


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