Chloe by the seaside

Every morning Chloe has to keep company to her grandma or to go shopping or whatever ; she must wait and wait for she's only allowed to go swimming in the afternoon.

But as soon as the washing up is over, off she goes. To day she decided to sit near her neighbour's corner in order to build sand-castles with him later on.

Quick ! Time for undressing and getting sun-tanned !

Damn ! She had forgotten her sun-glasses and her sun cream ; she had to open her beach umbrella to get some shade.

Well, finally she decided to go swimming later on. What about a little nap while nobody's around ? The only noise, but was it a noise ? was the sound of waves and sea-gulls. (storyboard by JLFrucot, illustrations by APérat, Ryxéo).


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