Abel and Bellina and their snowman

– Yay !!!! It's been snowing all night long ! Abel and Bellina put on their warm coats and rubber boots before rushing out and enjoying the pleasures of snow. As it's freezing outside, they both put on caps, scarves and mittens.

– Come and catch this ! Abel cries and throws a snowball at his sister. She hardly succeeds in avoiding it. – You missed me ! You did miss me ! she says and throws back a snowball in turn at her brother. A true battle has just started ; How fun !

– I've got an idea, Abel states. What about building a snowman ? – Oh, yes indeed, Bellina replies, enthusiastic. What a great idea ! Let's build a snowman with a broom, a fancy hat and a carrot for his nose. I'll go and fetch all these from home, she adds. – OK, Abel answers. I'll start with a first snowball.

Eventually, Bellina comes back with a carrot and a hat. – I couldn't get a broom, she says. As for Abel, he finds it very hard to roll snow into a snowball. It keeps crumbling down and breaking out. – Wait a minute, Bellina tells him, I'll come and help you. We'll do it together.

They both try very hard to roll large snowballs on and on. Unfortunately, their balls keep crumbling down and breaking out. Nevertheless, they keep trying again and again. How difficult it is to make a snowman !

– I definitely can't make one, Abel says, truly disappointed. – Mine isn't really large but at least, it isn't broken. – Never mind, replies Abel, what about building a small snowman ! Small snowmen are pleasant-looking as well, aren't they ? Bellina agrees.

Now, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, Abel too suceeds in making one without breaking it. How proud he is ! Bellina watches him while he carefully puts his own ball on top of hers. Sure, their snowman won't be a giant.

– Here he is, our cute snowman. He's so very small, rikiki-like. – Long live our snowman Rikiki ! they cry together and they both burst out laughing.

This is the third story about Abel and Bellina, told and drawn by Odysseus. Have fun !


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