Chloe at Christmas time

Hi Lisa, how was your Christmas ? Here, it was the longest night of the year, it started and ended well, but the hours in-between were hard. Yesterday night, I prepared the tree with Mum ; she would drape the electrical garlands and I was allowed to hang the stars, especially the top-one since I grew up a lot this year and I'm as tall as the tree now. But then I had to go to bed : THAT was so hard to fall sleep.

You can figure out that I woke up early this morning and I walked on tip-toes into the dining-room.

My two parcels were fast unpacked and I was so excited to find out what was inside : a teddy and a doll. Great a doll ! Can you imagine ! Somebody to get dressed and undressed, in our own ways...

We had our first cuddle together in my parents' armchair, and I felt asleep.

Please don't forget your sewing-bag for New Year's eve, we'll have a great time together. Bye bye Lisa, see you next week ! (Story-board JLFrucot, illustrations APerat, Ryxeo).


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